• FGS is presently housed on the third floor of the Arts & Administration building. If you move your mouse over the picture the location will be highlighted by a red ellipse.
    -> Whereas there is a plan in place to increase the amount of space allocated to FGS in this building, those who are best informed about nature of FGS's space requirements (the acting Dean and his staff) have not been adequately consulted. I want to work closely with these individuals, with the VP Academic and with architects to plan for FGS a space that will match its mandate. In doing so, it will be worthwhile to consider the possibility of housing the Office of Research Services in an adjacent location. FGS and Research Services share a trans-campus constituency, and as noted above, much of Dalhousie's research is conducted by graduate students, and much of what graduate study is about is research. Adjacent offices will enhance collaborative activities and foster a more unified vision of advanced study at Dalhousie.

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