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Professor, Appointed 1985
Department of Psychology
Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Doctor of Philosophy, Experimental Psychology, 1974
University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

Human Performance, including: Perception, attention, memory, and complex skills like reading and drawing.
NSERC Operating 2006-2011 $200,000 
SSHRC Operating 2005-2008 $90,000 (w/ Maycock, NSCAD) U of O
NSERC Equipment 2004-2006  $32,000  (w/ McMullen, eye tracker)
NSERC Equipment 2005-2006 $32,000+ (w/ McMullen, & Trappenberg)
NSERC Equipment 2004 $50,000  (w/ Westwood, PI, Eskes & McMullen)

Applied cognitive psychology: Design of advanced consumer telecommunications devices; reading remediation; effects of drugs & biological rhythms on performance; impulsivity and problem gambling.
CLLRnet 2003-2006 $132,000  (w/ Arnell, Barr, Joanisse & Tannock)
Bank of Canada 2006-2007 $75,000+ (w/ Liu, Christie, & Gadbois)
Heart and Stroke foundation 2004-2005 $50,000+ (w/ Eskes, PI)
Bank of Canada 2003 $20,000+ (w/ Gadbois)
Bank of Canada 2002-2003 $83,000+ (w/ Christie, & Gadbois)

Cognitive neuroscience exploration of the selection of objects by the primate oculomotor system.
NSERC Collaborative 
1995-1998 $330,000  (PI w/Munoz, McMullen & Trappenberg)
McDonnell-Pew 1998-2000 $210,000  (PI w/Munoz & Sweeney)
Post-doctoral fellows:
Graduate Students:
  • Yoko Ishigami
  • Mike Lawrence
  • Matt Hilchey
  • Matt Ryan (Kinesiology)
  • Christopher Dean (MDes NSCAD)
Research Assistants &
Honours Students:
  • Patti Devlin
Recent Lab Members:
  • Geniva Liu (Killan Post Doctoral Scholarship)
  • Biljana Stevanovski (NSERC Post Doctoral Scholarship)
  • John Christie (NSERC Industrial)
  • Jason Ivanoff
  • Sandie Sparkes
  • Elizabeth McLaughlin (NSERC & Killam Scholar)
  • Joe MacInnes (NSERC PGSA & CSA Supplement)
  • David Shore (former Killam PDF)
  • Bruno Losier (former MRC Scholar)
  • William Schmidt (NSERC & Killam Scholar)
  • Tracy Taylor (NSERC & Killam Scholar)
  • Jean Saint-Aubin (FCAR PDF)
  • Jeff Hamm
  • Sol Simpson
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